May 12, 2020

Arman Three Pack Video Analysis: 2020 Packers Schedule Breakdown & Favre Controversy

The Arman brothers break down the release of the Green Bay Packers 2020 NFL Schedule, analyze the Brett Favre comments on Aaron Rodgers and $1.1M controversy then end with which young player each brother thinks will step up and break through to make a difference for the Packers this season. Topics covered:
  • How Arman brothers are getting their sports fix during quarantine, plus recap of the brother's Super Nintendo Arman Open of PGA Tour Golf (0:00 - 6:15)
  • Brett Favre Controversy & his comments on Aaron Rodgers (6:15 - 13:03)
  • 2020 Packers schedule & wider NFL schedule analysis (13:03 - 28:28)
  • Which young player is poised for a breakout year (28:28 - 35:42)
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