November 8, 2016

Green Bay's Rodgers, McCarthy NOT on the Same Page

How is it possible the leader of your offense doesn't have a clue if one of his star receivers will be available for the game, how much he will play or what his injury status is?

It shouldn't be possible, but that was the case Sunday afternoon in the Packers embarrassing 31-26 home loss to the lowly Indianapolis Colts. Aaron Rodgers was dumbfounded post-game in an apparent shot at the coaching staff.

“There were some things that happened out there tonight that were obviously very frustrating. Didn’t quite understand what Cobb’s status was, so we got him in there the last couple drives, but yeah, it was frustrating,” said Rodgers.

What we may be seeing is a small fracturing of the QB/coach relationship - the two individuals with the biggest impact on how the Packers prepare and perform every week. 

More post-game comments from McCarthy and Rodgers reflect differing point-of-views on what plagued Green Bay Sunday.

Aaron Rodgers said the Packers had "uncharacteristically low energy," and followed that up with, "This is what we get paid to do. I would hope the guys would say I bring it every week. I don't know what the lack of juice was. We've got to look deep in the mirror there because that's not acceptable."
Aaron Rodgers makes sure to clarify that he brings energy - but doesn't feel the same about his teammates. Message sent.

In a completely opposite take the next day, the Packers head coach disagreed with his quarterback in an almost passive-aggressive way.

“After really reviewing the video, I actually thought the energy was pretty good,” McCarthy said Monday. "Our guys played with a lot of energy, but we were not clean in a number of different situations, and they took advantage of it.”

Now, does this sounds like a quarterback and coach on the same page with each other, their football team and what needs to be fixed? 

Until Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers get aligned on expectations, what is working, what isn't and find a way to motivate this team - it will continue to be an uphill battle for a team that's already battled lots of adversity and now heads out on a three-game road trip that will decide their playoff fate.


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