August 17, 2016

Inaugural Arman's Titletown Green Bay Packers Podcast (Episode One)

Good evening Packer Fans - My brother Adam and I couldn't be more excited to share with you our inaugural Arman's Titletown Podcast (episode one) embedded into the post below. Within the podcast, you'll find us discussing the following topics, feel free to jump around to hear our conversation on each topic. Enjoy!

Podcast Contents (Episode One)
  • Green Bay Packers 2016 Schedule - Is it really the easiest in the NFL and what match ups stand out? 
    • General Discussion (0:00 - 4:05)
    • Minnesota Vikings (4:05 - 7:35)
  • Mike McCarthy - Is he on the hot seat? (11:10 - 13:31)
  • 2016 Draft Impressions / Defensive Line (15:31 - 22:20)
  • Inside Linebacker (25:30 - 30:24)
  • Wide Receiver Battle (30:30 - 36:30)
  • Running Backs / Tight Ends / 53-Man Roster Talk (36:31 - 48:24)

August 9, 2016

Rodgers on Abbrederis: “I have a real good trust in him.”

Aaron Rodgers joined Jason Wilde and Mark Tauscher as the hosts’ inaugural guest on ESPN radio (listen here), part one in a four-part interview series.

As eyes focus on Green Bay’s wide receiver battle, Rodgers was asked if any young wide receivers are catching his eye in training camp.
Jared Abbrederis is rising in the Packers offense

“Jared [Abbrederis] made enough plays in practice and in the last few games that I have a real good trust in him and his route-running ability,” Rodgers said of the third-year pro, who is battling for a roster spot among a talented group of Packer pass catchers.

“He’s a guy who has phenomenal preparation,” Rodgers continued. “He is always in the right spot. He has incredible body movements when it comes to not telegraphing routes. And he finds a way to get open all the time.”

Pretty strong words coming from Aaron Rodgers, who is highly demanding of his teammates. If he can remain healthy, this may be a sign Abbrederis has as inside track to that number four wide receiver roster spot. Could he even challenge for the number three spot? Seems unlikely, but hard to completely rule it out right now.

“He’s continued where he left off last year and has had a phenomenal camp,” Rodgers said, who is aligned with Mike McCarthy’s point-of-view on Abbrederis.

McCarthy in June of this year said the Wisconsin Badgers alumnus has had his “best offseason,” called his route running “exemplary for a young guy” and finished by saying “he’s exceptional.”
Where will #84 fall in the Packers WR depth chart?

As for the rest of the wide receiver corps, Rodgers was shorter winded.

“Davante [Adams] has had a great camp, Jeff [Janis] has progressed and there are some guys behind them who are going to get some good chances in the preseason,” Rodgers said.

Safe to say we all know what Rodgers thinks of Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson.

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