November 9, 2013

Arman Three Pack Preview: Philadelphia Eagles

Everyone is talking about Seneca Wallace and how different the passing game will be without Aaron Rodgers. Discuss how Rodgers' loss might affect the Packers successful running attack (if at all). Keep in mind T.J. Lang will also likely miss this game with a concussion, meaning Marshall Newhouse moves to RT and Barclay to RG.

Adam: The Packers will still be able to run the ball effectively. The key will be staying in 3rd and manageable situations and Seneca Wallace being able to convert in the short passing game. The Packers were 1 for 9 on third downs against Chicago with Wallace at QB despite rushing for 170 yards. I expect McCarthy to design some boot legs and screens to help Wallace stay in favorable positions. I'm confident McCarthy will put Seneca in the best position he can to succeed.

Shane: I think the Packers will really have to stick with the run game this week, more than ever. The Eagles aren't stupid and they'll likely hedge their bets and dare Seneca Wallace to beat them. Expect the Eagles to overcrowd the box with eight-man fronts, especially early and possibly for the entire game. If I'm Chip Kelly, the only way I get beat is if one of the Packers RBs go off. He won't let that happen. Lang out definitely adds an extra blow and Newhouse is still the same old dud. I'd be a little scared if I was Wallace dropping back.

Mitch: Yikes. With Rodgers gone, the Eagles will most certainly challenge Wallace's ability to make a few throws. They will probably stack the box and make Wallace beat them. That is what I would do at least; and I'm not an NFL coach.

Was last week's defensive debacle an aberration or should we be concerned about the defense's ability to stop opponents, like say, the Philadelphia Eagles? How will the Packers defense fare this week?

Adam: You can't underrate the correlation one side of the ball has to the other. The Packers inability to sustain anything offensively and convert on third downs kept the Packers defense on the field more than usual against the second ranked scoring offense in the NFL. Part of the Packers recent success has been their dominance in time of possession. Their ball control covered up a lot of inadequacies of their beat up defense. I think the defense will be fine this week if the offense can sustain some long drives and have a reasonable third down conversion percentage. It will help getting some playmakers back in the lineup at linebacker to help a pass rush that was ineffective against Chicago.

Shane: I agree with Adam in that the offense's inability to sustain ANY kind of drive and not convert third downs, made the defense look worse than it was. Capers was simply out-coached in the Bears game and I don't see that happening again. If the Packers have a chance at winning this game, they will absolutely need to force multiple turnovers. If they don't, I just can't see them being successful enough on offense to keep their defense off the field. I think A.J. Hawk will have another stellar performance, as Capers uses him up the middle while the defense keys on Clay Matthews. I expect Hawk to make a big play in this game.

Mitch: I think it was a one week oopsie. The performance of the defense until last game I think surprised us all and was stout. Getting Matthews back this week, and hopefully Perry in the near future, leads me to think our D will win us a few games coming up.They will HAVE to.

The Packers get Clay Matthews back this week and possibly Nick Perry. How effective can Clay be with a club on his hand and will his presence make a difference?

Adam: The Packers are a conservative team when it comes to letting players come back from injury so I expect Clay to be ready to make an impact. It wouldn't surprise me to see the Packers limit his snaps and get a nice rotation that includes Perry on the opposite side. I'm sure there was an emphasis this week around tackling especially going up against a team with the shifty LeSean McCoy that likes to use the screen game. The Packers will need to be on point in terms of tackling if they want to keep this offense in check. Packers fans need to come to the realization that any wins over the next few weeks without Rodgers are going to be a grind and take great execution particularly on defense and special teams to compensate.

Shane: More than anything, Clay will draw the Eagles attention. I wouldn't be surprised if the Eagles still double team him which will free up other players to make a difference. I worry about Nick Perry coming back this early from a foot injury and I'd feel better if he didn't play. If the Packers can limit the Eagles big plays, they'll have a chance to win the game.

Mitch: I think whenever you have a specimen as talented as Clay is, there is no doubt he will have some sort of impact, club or not. Just his presence will change some of the Eagles game planning, and I personally think he will be effective.

Score prediction:

Adam: Packers 24-20...Seneca will have to be much improved in this one for the Packers to get the win. 200 yards 1 TD and 40 yards rushing is about the needed stat line and only one turnover. If he can be in that range I think the rest of the team performs well enough to squeak out the win, but the room for error without Rodgers is scary thin. Go Pack Go!!

Shane: Sorry but I just don't think the Packers defense can hold down LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson. Coupled with the fact that Seneca Wallace will lead many, many three-and-outs on offense, this will be a frustrating day for Packer fans. Unless Green Bay's defense or special teams can score a TD or make a HUGE couple of plays, the Packers lose this game 31-23.



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