November 17, 2013

Arman Three Pack Preview: New York Giants

This week Adam and I head to MetLife Stadium to watch the Packers in live action against the New York Giants. Below we take a look at three key issues that will go a long way in deciding who wins this pivotal NFC matchup.

Scott Tolzien will start for the Green Bay Packers as they take on the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. How will McCarthy cater the game plan to put Tolzein in the best position to succeed? 

Shane: McCarthy will do much of the same thing he did with Seneca Wallace against the Eagles, when Wallace started 5-for-5. McCarthy will call designed quick-hitters to sure handed receivers Jordy Nelson and James Jones. Expect to see short drop backs, a few WR bubble screens and plenty of Eddie Lacy. Anything McCarthy can do to gain 3-5 yards on both first and second down, will be a recipe for success. The Packers can’t afford to put Tolzein in 3rd-and-long situations and McCarthy will do his best to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Adam:  Tolzien seemed to have success with the short passing and screen game to help move the chains. The inconsistency at the quarterback position has seen the Packers struggle to finish drives and threaten teams with the big play. I don’t expect McCarthy’s gameplan to be too conservative. I would like to see them take a few shots down the field in response to the heavy fronts they’ve been seeing without Rodgers.

Pick the one most important group on the Packers that will have the biggest effect on the outcome of Sunday’s game and tell us why: the QB, offensive line, running backs, WRs, defensive line, linebackers, secondary, special teams coverage, special teams kicking or the coaching staff.

Shane: This is a tough one, but I’ll go with the Packers secondary for a few reasons. Eli Manning has thrown the most interceptions in the league, so there will be more opportunities than usual for the secondary to create turnovers. It’s absolutely crucial Green Bay takes advantage. I said this last week and I’ll say it again, the Packers defense needs to make a big play if the Packers have a chance of winning. I think that play does come from the secondary—they’re due. The tackling has been especially awful the past two games, so if the secondary can limit Cruz and Nicks’ yards after the catch Green Bay can more easily contain the Giants offense.

Adam: I would say the Packers offensive line will have the most effect on them winning Sunday. The Giants pass rush has stepped up with 8 sacks in their last two games and seems to be returning to form. Tolizen needs to be protected for any chance to get a win in his first NFL start and controlling the line of scrimmage with the run game is crucial to a Packers win. Unfortunately, like with many areas of this Packers team there are question marks and uncertainty.

Which New York Giant player(s) should the Packers be most worried about heading into Sunday’s matchup at MetLife Stadium?

Shane: Without a doubt it’s Andre Brown. He has breakaway speed and the Giants will likely give him plenty of touches to soften up the Packers defense. Green Bay must make the New York one-dimensional and taking away the run is the best solution. If Brown gets in a groove early, the Packers secondary will be in for a long day trying to cover Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz.

Adam: The Packers need to start with stopping Andre Brown and the Giants run game. Dom Capers builds his defense around stopping the run to create third and longs and unleash his blitz packages. The Packers have failed to win the battle in the trenches lately and need to stop Brown first.

Score prediction

Shane: This is a must-win game for the Packers. Coupled with the fact that the Giants left a sour taste in Green Bay’s mouth the past few meetings, I expect Green Bay to make the necessary plays to win the game. The defense plays better and gets to Eli, while Tolzein appropriately manages the game just well enough to eeek out a victory, 20-17.

Adam:  20-14 Packers. The defense needs to step up and force a turnover or two in this one combined with a methodical ball control style offense from the Packers.


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