September 14, 2013

Arman Three Pack Preview: Washington Redskins

Each week we'll take a look at three key issues/questions facing the Green Bay Packers and get three perspectives on each question from all three Arman brothers. We bring similar but distinct personalities to discussing Packers football, having grown up die-hard fans of the green and gold. This Sunday, the Packers face RGIII and the Washington Redskins so here's a three pack of questions answered by each brother:
The bros at Solider Field for the 2010 NFC Championship

Which Redskins player should the Packers should be MOST concerned about beyond RGIII (offense or defense)?

  • Adam: Pierre Garçon is their big play wideout. They rarely lose when he goes for 100 yards and a touchdown. 
  • Shane: Alfred Morris. He's a big play back who could help the Redskins control the time of possession and keep the ball out of Rodgers' hands. Expect a hefty workload from him and for Shanahan to stick with the running game. 
  • Mitch:  Pierre Garçon. After what Boldin did, could see a big game out of him if RGIII gets back on track

What's the key to stopping the Redskins offense?

  • Adam: Need another strong performance in the trenches to control the ground game and Alfred Morris. The Redskins offense is predicated on the pass-run option out of the read-option. If the Packers can limit the ground game I'd like to think RGIII isn't ready to throw for 400 yards without making some mistakes like he did against the Eagles in week one.
  • Shane: Stopping Alfred Morris and the Redskins running game. To do this, Green Bay needs to score early and often. They must get a lead early and force the Redskins to pass the ball. It's a difficult task considering Mike Shanahan is pretty dedicated to the run game.
  • Mitch: Put pressure on RGIII. Take pressure off our secondary.

Name one surprising thing we'll see this week from the Packers offense and how it might impact the game

  • Adam: I think Lacy showed he's ready for 20 plus carries and around a 100 yard performance. Ball control hasn't been the Packers strong suit the last few years because of an ineffective run game. Pound the rock, control the clock and keep the D fresh to lay the wood to RGIII.
  • Shane: Jermichael Finley bounces back from his fumble to catch at least two big plays (30+) down the middle of the field, tallying 100+ yards for the game.
  • Mitch: James Jones catches two touchdowns. Run game will still be iffy.

Game Predictions

  • Adam: 31-17, Packers. Lacy goes for 90 yards and a touchdown. Redskins have an aggressive pass rush. I'd like to see Lacy with a few nice screens slipped in behind an over-pursuing defensive line. 
  • Shane: 34-14, Packers. Aaron Rodgers is relentless throwing the ball down field and connects for multiple big plays to Finley, Cobb and Jones in throwing four TDs and 350+ yards in an early season beating of the unproven Washington Redskins. The Packers have won 20 of their last 21 at Lambeau and that record will improve Sunday.
  • Mitch: 30-20, Packers.


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