September 26, 2010

Packers, A-Rod Have Statement to Make

Statistically speaking, the Packers battle with Chicago on Monday Night Football doesn't mean a whole lot. It's week three and both teams still have much to prove whomever comes out on top. But there's more pressure on Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers. With less-than-stellar showings in the first two weeks, the Packers need to play to their potential and it's up to Aaron Rodgers to set the tone.

Rodgers will face pressure from the Bears defense and his pocket presence will be tested on every possession. Rodgers is skilled at feeling pressure and escaping the defense, but his decision making must be decisive and smart.

Rodgers hasn't been given many opportunities to throw deep this season, but expect Rodgers to have open receivers down field against the Bears secondary. Rodgers must hit these receivers and force the Bears' defense to honor the long ball.

It's games like this that will begin to define Aaron Rodgers and his legacy as an NFL QB. How does he respond in clutch games? Does he rise to the occasion and raise his level of play? Putting up big stats is one thing - but winning clutch games is the true measure of a great QB.

No doubt Rodgers will have many other clutch opportunities throughout the season, but MNF in one of the most storied rivalries in sports, is a perfect chance for Rodgers to make a statement for his Packers.


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